“Carry The Weight”

I want to be whole again.

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Asking For It

Well I was finally let go from my job that I have been with for over 8 1/2 years last week. My mental health is just in such a horrible and dangerous state that working a full time job or even a part time job is impossible. I feel ashamed that I am in thisContinue reading “Asking For It”

The Joy Of Missing Out

Sitting in a fold up chair in my front yard in the sunshine. I am wearing a beanie pulled down around my head covering most of my face. wearing pants socks and shoes and a black t shirt. The only parts of me exposed are my arms and the little of my face my beanieContinue reading “The Joy Of Missing Out”

I Believe You

I started a painting and made huge strides on it the other day. I decided to post it on my social media my progress and also to see my friends and family reactions. Sometimes I can make some uncomfortable art to those who don’t like the subjects they really with or are ones who brushContinue reading “I Believe You”

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